Sticky casino bonuses and wagering requirements explained

Welcome, free and deposit bonuses make any casino experience exciting; any gamer appreciates making a few extra pounds. With more players willing to splurge large chunks of cash playing online casino games, casino owners are compelled to offer better bonuses for the new gamers. However, these lucrative bonuses come with strings attached. Understanding the requirements that accompany cashing out the rewards gives any player an edge in winning better prices.

Casino Wagering Requirements

Casino wagering requirements are multipliers that represent the number of times one has to play the game before cashing out any winnings. The premise for imposing the multiplier is that casinos need to protect the bonuses they provide and offset the risk of offering free money.

Wagering requirements are presented in the form of a number and an x (the multiplier), ranging from 5x-55x. Thus, if the casino is offering 20 GBP casino bonus with a wagering requirement of 30x, the player has to spend 600 GBP on the particular game before cashing out the free 20 GBP regardless of whether they win or lose the 600 GBP.

If the casino is offering a welcome bonus worth 100 GBP with a wagering requirement of 30x, the player needs to place a bet worth 3,000 GBP. Players need to weigh the merits and disadvantages of the bonuses to verify if they are beneficial in the long-run.

Casinos that offer high bonuses enforce significant wagering requirements. Note that the prices earned when working towards the wagering requirement are deposited in a pending balance until the player achieves the multiplier.

He can’t withdraw the monies from the pending balance but he can use the cash to work down the betting requirement. The betting requirement for bonuses applies to the account from the time the bonus is accepted to the account. A casino only releases pending balances to the main account when the player completes the wagering requirement for the bonus.

Casino wagering requirements are included in the site’s terms and conditions section. Some casinos may incorporate them in the section of more additional about promotions and bonuses.

Sticky Casino Bonus Explained

Until a few years ago, traditional bonuses were the most popular ways of making a few extra pounds after playing online casino games. Players garnered on these bonuses to make killer profits as they could cash out all their monies. Some casinos offer little match up bonuses while others match up the initial deposits by 100% with a ceiling of 600 GBP.

Most traditional bonuses were provided as welcome bonuses, but avid gamers would find them at regular promotions. Casinos still offer these bonuses by depositing a percentage of money, depending on the amount of the initial cash deposited. Once the player meets all the wagering requirements, he can withdraw the entire bonus amount along with any winnings made.

The introduction of sticky bonuses brought changes to how players could cash out their winnings, regardless of the number of winnings in their accounts. Sticky bonuses are awarded mainly for betting purposes, thus can’t be withdrawn. They also tend to last indefinitely. As such, if the online casino allows you to cash out all your winnings, including the bonuses awarded on your initial deposit after meeting all the wagering requirements, it does not qualify as a sticky bonus.

Sticky casino bonus means that the player has ‘two accounts’. It is also referred as a non-cashable casino bonus where, if the player deposits 100 GBP, he will have a real money account that allows him to withdraw the bonus and a non-cashable account that is exclusively used for making bets. While traditional bonuses only match up initial deposits by 100% only, sticky bonuses offer higher stakes that range from 200%-400%. Players can use the bonuses to make more winnings as they start off with pretty huge balances. Note that the player gets to withdraw the winnings made after placing bets using the sticky bonus. There are two types of Sticky Bonuses:

1. The Most Common Sticky Bonus

It is the most common kind of sticky bonuses and it disappears after making the first withdrawal. Players can’t use it to place more bets. Also known as a phantom bonus casino, any remaining bonus amount disappears as soon as the player makes the first withdrawal. As such, players should check the casino wagering requirements to confirm if the bonuses offered are phantom bonuses. This way, they won’t lose large amounts in bonuses by making small withdrawals before the whole amount is bet.

2. The Less Common Sticky Bonus

Players can’t cash out this bonus, but it does not disappear after the first withdrawal. Most mainstream casinos offer type 1 sticky bonus.