What are the best online casino withdrawal methods for your bonuses? Here’s what you need to consider

When choosing the right online casino most players look out for their favourite games or the most attractive casino bonuses. But all this pales into insignificance if the payment methods are complicated, withdrawals take a long time or, even worse, your banking security is compromised. Here are some tips to help you find the best casino withdrawal method to let you enjoy your winnings quickly without risking your security or paying over the odds in charges.

Casino deposit methods

One of the first things to consider is the best way to make casino payments that allow you to win those all-important casino bonuses. Most of these options will also allow you to withdraw therefore many can double up as your best casino withdrawal method.

Card Options

Universally accepted, credit cards offer you the flexibility to make payments to a limitless number of online casinos and you have the added security of knowing your card provider offers further data and financial protection. In addition to credit and debit cards, prepaid cards such as PaySafe are also readily available and easy to use. You don’t even need a bank account or credit account to use PaySafe which means you never need to disclose your personal details. What’s more, PaySafe is accepted by online casinos all over the world so your opportunities to win those vital casino bonuses are endless.


A popular and simple casino deposit method used by most of the top online casinos is an e-wallet. Trusted e-wallet providers such as PayPal, Neteller and Skrill can be guaranteed to store your details safely so hackers will never gain access to your bank account or swipe away your casino bonuses before you’ve had a chance to withdraw. These can facilitate casino payment options, casino deposit methods and many online gamblers rate an e-wallet as the best casino withdrawal method. They operate globally using as many as 41 different currencies and your details need only be entered when you open an account. Shifting funds between e-wallet, card and bank accounts couldn’t be simpler and you can play in any number of online casinos without divulging any of your personal details.

Bank Transfer

One of the oldest ways of depositing and withdrawing funds with an online casino is a classic bank transfer. All you need are the bank details of your favourite casino and you are good to go. There are faster methods available and getting hold of the casino’s bank details in the first place might require a phone call but this is a secure option as your details are only ever shared with the casino of your choice. Not only that, as funds can be transferred both ways, bank transfers can also become the best online casino withdrawal method for you.

Best Casino Withdrawal Method

Most of the casino payment options described above also double up as withdrawal methods giving you access to your winnings and casino bonuses. Crucially, some take longer than others and there may be fees involved so it is vital to research each one separately.


As mentioned above, e-wallets are a firm favourite both for casino payments and withdrawing funds. You can access your winnings easily and there is usually no fee involved. Using accounts like PayPal and Click2Pay means you can instantly transfer your winnings into your bank account or even leave them in your e-wallet for making on-line purchases or playing elsewhere. Payment is instant with some providers and by leaving the money in your account you can play at a different casino immediately thereby taking advantage of time-sensitive casino bonuses without having to wait for funds to clear in your bank account.

Check Payments

Every casino will offer check payments as well as bank transfers. The obvious advantage of a check payment is you don’t have to share your bank details and can deposit the funds into an account of your choice. Look out, however, as these often come with hefty charges and can take a long time to process at both ends.

Bank Transfers

There are two different kinds of bank transfer: Wire transfer or ACH transfer. Wire transfer is a quick way to receive payment as funds arrive instantly but the minimum amount is usually quite high so this is only the best casino withdrawal method if you have finished playing. ACH transfer is more suitable for smaller amounts and also sends the money instantly into your bank account. Be careful though, as there may be hidden charges and some accounts can take longer to process than others.