Get the best casino bonuses and perks from VIP and loyalty programs!

Whether you like sticking to one casino game, such as poker, or enjoy playing a selection of slots, table games and cards, you can get a whole lot of benefits by qualifying for a casino’s VIP program. The perks and deals on offer vary from one casino to another, so let’s take a look at what’s out there, so you know what to look for when you’re searching for the best casino bonus.

Finding The Best Casino Bonus – VIP Promos

There’s definitely an overlap between the typical online casino VIP program and online casino loyalty programs. The loyalty points schemes are great for players who are betting modest amounts, because they can get loyalty perks without having to wager large amounts. However, most casinos also offer a VIP program with different levels. You may start with bronze, and progress through silver and gold, to platinum and diamond. And while all players can collect points in the loyalty scheme, VIP players can collect them faster,

Obviously, the upper levels of the VIP schemes are reserved for people who are playing more, and staking larger amounts. But even at lower levels, you can find yourself offered special promos and cashback deals that aren’t available to players who are not in the scheme. And at the higher levels of course, these special bets and offers can be worth a lot.

Get A Personalised VIP Casino Bonus

One of the key differences with the higher levels of the VIP scheme, is the personal relationship players enjoy with the casino. In land-based casinos, VIP players would be personally welcomed by the manager, and would be able to negotiate special deals not available to non-VIP players. Online casinos have made a big effort to replicate this kind of service. So at the higher VIP levels, players will have a personal, named manager who is there to get to know them, keep them happy, and to make their gaming experience more personal.

Personalising the gaming offer, means that VIPs get promos that are tailored to their playing style, their favourite games and their wagering level. In many cases, table limits are higher for VIPs, with the ceiling rising as the player progresses further up the VIP ladder. Players also get individualised gifts, and the real high rollers can receive invitations to the VIP enclosure at major sporting events.

Cashback In Online Casino VIP Programs

Anyone can hit a run of bad luck, and come away feeling somewhat sore. But many VIP schemes run cashback schemes if you’ve had losses. Obviously, these are more generous at the higher VIP levels. They also tend to be more frequently offered in the context of table games such as roulette. However some casinos offer VIP cashback across the whole range of games.

At the lower VIP levels this might be an offer of 5% of your wagering, with a limit of about £2,000. At the highest levels, the cashback could be 20% up to £5,000.

One of the benefits of being in the VIP program, is that any bonuses, cashbacks or free bets offered, don’t usually come with a wagering requirement. All players know that the wagering requirement can be a nuisance, requiring playthrough of anything up to X50 before it’s earned out. So that’s a definite plus to being a VIP.

How To Rise Through An Online Casino VIP Program

It goes without saying, that VIP programs are only available to real money players. But as soon as you sign up, and make a cash deposit, you’ll usually be automatically enrolled in the online casino loyalty program. This is separate from the VIP program, but as noted above, once you’re a VIP, your loyalty points are worth more.

So how much are we talking about? It does vary widely from one casino to another, but if you’re depositing £500 monthly, you should expect to achieve entry level VIP status. Round about the £4,000 mark should get you to near the top of the VIP scheme. But the very topmost echelon is frequently only achieved by personal invitation from the casino through your personal manager.

The speed with which you rise through the VIP rankings, is dependent on how often you play and how much you spend. You can raise your profile by taking up invitations to tournaments and competitions, especially if you manage to make it onto the leaderboard. And one of the VIP benefits you’ll enjoy is much faster withdrawal times when you get that mega win!