How Does Online Casino Bonuses Work?

Online gaming as a fun activity in which people spend their time playing games they love alongside wagering to make an extra pound. One can play casino games and wager from the comfort of their home through online casinos. Compared to the traditional mortar and brick casinos, online casinos have better payback percentages, variety bonuses, and many more advantages.

Despite the fact that online gaming offers huge casino bonuses, the offers create misunderstanding to most new players. As a rule, one can only enjoy and benefit from online gaming if only he/she understands different regulations used in the industry. In this article, we look at deposit bonuses and no-deposit bonuses, the most common type of promotions offered by online casinos.

No-Deposit Bonus

A no-deposit bonus is a popular casino bonus, mostly offered to players when they join an online casino, even before depositing money into their casino account. An online casino may also award their dedicated players with this type of promotion. A player can use the promotion to play different games and win big prizes.

Types of no-deposit bonuses include;

  1. No-Deposit Bonus Codes
    A bonus code consists of letters or numbers. When players enter their unique bonus code on the casino’s site, they receive a promotional offer. In most cases, the promotional codes are time sensitive and will expire after a specified period, after which an individual will not utilize the bonus code.
  2. Free spins
    Free spins are another type of promotion that is used to play a specified slot game. Usually, free spins are given to new players but some casinos may offer them to their loyal players. For instance, players who receive five free spins are allowed to turn five times in a specified slot game. Winnings got from the free spins are sent to the player’s casino account.
  3. Bonus Cash
    A cash bonus is a sum of money offered to players by online casinos. Players can receive a cash bonus by signing up for an account, or in the event of gaming. Depending on the casino, the bonus money can be used to wager, or one can withdraw it without the necessity of wagering conditions.
  4. Timed Promotions
    Some casinos promote their players through timed promotions in which players can wager and win prices. Depending on a casino, the player may be expected to pay back some money in case they make a profit.

Deposit Bonus

A deposit bonus is a type of promotion given to players when they deposit cash into their player account. In most cases, it is given as a percentage of the initial amount deposited. Online casinos use the deposit bonus to attract new players or existing players to make a deposit into their casino account.

Deposit bonuses differ depending on a casino, percentage, and wagering requirements. The common type of deposit promotion is the welcome bonus given to new players who join an online casino. Other casinos may promote their loyal players with deposit promotions like reload bonuses and other bonuses attached to a cash deposit.

How a Deposit Promotion Works

A deposit promotion works in an easy way. For example, if an online casino offers a 100% cash bonus, players who deposit £100 will receive an additional £100 as a bonus. Therefore, the player will have £200 to play with. Some casinos have a maximum limit that a player can receive as a bonus.

The advantage of the deposit promotion is that a player earns more money, hence have increased chances of winning. However, the promotion can turn fruitless in case a casino attaches a high wagering condition to a bonus.

Claiming a casino bonus

Most online casinos have requirements that a player needs to fulfill before they are allowed to apply for a bonus or cash out their won amount. Common terms and conditions that apply to casino promotions include;

Bonus code

If a deposit or no-deposit promotions were given in the form of a bonus code, the player would need to provide the code when claiming a bonus. Depending on a casino, the bonus code is sent to a player’s email or through other means. However, a player will not need to provide the bonus code if it was not sent. Besides bonus code, other casinos may also require players to deposit a certain amount to make a claim.

Wager Requirements

Different online casinos have wagering requirements that players need to satisfy before they cash out their bonus winnings or a deposit relating to the gift. These are the rules known as wagering requirements.

It is important for a player to read through the wagering conditions before accepting an offer. Some casinos have steep wagering requirements that can make it difficult to cash out winnings.

For instance, a casino’s wagering requirement may require a player to wager their deposit plus bonus, ten times before they are allowed to withdraw winnings. In this case, if a player makes a deposit of £100 and receives a bonus of £100, the player will have to wager with the £200(deposit + bonus) more than ten times before he/she withdraws any winnings. This means that the player will have to spend £4000 to make bets. Some other wagering conditions will only apply to the bonus amount.

Play Through

Besides the wagering requirements, some casinos may also limit a bonus to certain games. These conditions are known as the play through. As such, players will only win if they use their bonus to wager on the specified games. In most cases, play through conditions applies to free spins, but the conditions can also apply to other promotions.

Online casinos serve their clients with various bonuses. Players who understand the rewards can take advantage to increase their winnings. Nevertheless, the bonuses come with strict wagering conditions that can limit a player’s likelihood of winning. It is, therefore, crucial for every player to understand the various bonuses on offer, and the terms and conditions to make a sound gaming decision.