Does the benefits of bonuses beat the barriers?

For anyone who loves to gamble, getting a sizeable online casino bonus is incredibly appealing! Most online casino operators know this, and so they keep coming up with the most outrageously impressive offerings… which obviously have hidden strings attached.

In case you want to get up to date on the latest promotional tricks of the online casino trade and learn how to pick the wheat from the chaff in the bonus department, this article will be valuable to you. Here you will learn the drawbacks of a matched deposit bonus and understand the true implications of free spins, among other typical restrictions.

In life as in casino bonuses, you have to learn how to read between the lines in order to make a sensible choice! Hopefully this article will help you seize the best opportunities while avoiding the less elegant pitfalls of the UK online casino industry.

How to tell if an online casino bonus is really worth your trouble

Anyone who’s ever gone through a UK online casino knows that sometimes the best bonuses are not necessarily the flashiest-looking. In fact, the biggest and boldest bonuses out there are typically bound to quite unreasonable terms that often defeat the purpose of having a bonus.

Think about this: What’s the point if getting a 100x bonus on your deposit if you will be required to bet the bonus amount 1000x over before you are allowed to actually withdraw some of those funds? Wouldn’t a modest 2X bonus have a much better profit return potential if there were no betting requirements attached? Indeed it would, and indeed you should focus on the conditions more than the bonuses themselves.

This is why you need to get in the habit of looking past the advertised bonuses and focus on the underlying terms – most notably the matched deposit bonus requirements – in order to decide which online casino suits you best. In other words, look past the flashy bonus headlines and look for the asterisk pointing out the actual limitations of the bonus offering.

You will often find the more discreet online casino bonuses will often have the fewer strings attached. You may sometimes find that a big matched deposit bonus with unreasonable wagering requirements can sometimes work in your favor, depending on what you’re looking to accomplish. In any case, you can’t make an informed decision before checking for wagering requirements on any online casino bonus that strikes your fancy.

Matched deposit bonuses and wagering requirements are just one of the most obvious marketing techniques used by online casinos to stimulate their business; read the following section to learn about other tactics you should beware of.

Typical UK casino bonus related restrictions

Here are a few other typical bonus related restrictions that you should be mindful of while enjoying the available games at your favorite online casino UK:

When it comes to slots games, limitations on free spins are also very typical – meaning there is often a limit on the number of maximum wins you can get while enjoying the free spins offered to you. Make sure you are not limited by such constraints; otherwise you may find yourself in a really annoying position of having a slot prize cancelled because you were using your free spins and already exceeded the maximum daily wins.

Often there will also be some game restrictions in place – for example, you may be only allowed to use a percentage of your bonus funds to play some of the available games.

There is also a ‘one deposit rule’ across most online casino operators, meaning that typically you won’t be allowed to withdraw any bonus cash or from the system – or even any earnings you made by wagering your bonus amount – until you have made a deposit into the casino.

Chances are you’ve also heard about the ‘maximum wager’ bonus limit, which is one of the latest and sneakiest ways used by casinos to offset their offerings in practical terms. Having this restriction in place means that sometimes, there may be a limit to the percentage of any given bet that actually counts towards meeting your wagering requirement. In short, this ‘maximum wager’ limit is a clever new way for online casino marketers to present their “wagering requirements” more attractively at surface, by adding yet another layer of requirements behind them.

As you can see, there are many possible situations where an online casino’s marketing angle could fail to cater to your best interests! In order to avoid these pitfalls, you should always read through the ‘terms and conditions’ section on any new casino website you’re looking to join.